About Us

Welcome to French Talents & CO

We hire the brightest talents for our clients business success

Who Are We

We are a small team of 3 dedicated to our clients needs.

Our Mission

At French Talents & CO, we take a consultative approach, delivering people with the precise skills and knowledge each client needs to fill important positions and solve specific business problems. 

What We Do

We work to understand company cultures, processes, and team dynamics and hand select pre-vetted and experienced candidates to ensure a perfect match.

Our 4-D process



We meet you as a new client to understand your need.



Together, we define exactly what you need.



We design a road map with you with a precise calendar.



We provide qualified and highly capable professionals who will excel at your organisation.

Why choose us?

Whether you’re looking to hire freelancers or find an executive, French Talents & CO knows what it takes to land the perfect one.

Our aim is to find the right candidate in the right timing

We have a network of candidates and clients in Portugal where we are based but also in France and in the UK

On-demand is a flexible, hourly support for your talent team.

Our team member have an extensive experience in HR and Communication

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Would you like to start a project with us?

Our engaging, fresh thinking team provides a best in class service. Perceptive and highly selective, they thrive on finding the best skills for your company. Our team will meet you in person and really get to know you to establish your immediate and long term needs, and how we can help you to fill them quickly.